Altavoz subwoofer doble de 18 pulgadas S-218
Altavoz de subgraves

Altavoz subwoofer doble de 18 pulgadas S-218

Dual 18inch Power bass 18′′ x 2,100cores 220magnetism
Rated power 1200W;
Peak Power 2700W
Frequency response 30Hz-250Hz;
Sensitivity 100dB (1m/w);
Rated impedance
Case Material Wood case,18mm plywood,galaxy black paint
Feature Low frequency Deep, with exciting coverage to produce exciting dynamic sounds, with unparalleled low-frequency explosive power,
suitable for places that need low-frequency energy supplement, is the first choice for disco, medium and large-scale performances.
Dimension (L x W x H): 107*80*57cm
Weight 73KG



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