Equipo de música sinbosen audio profesional altavoces con sonido amplificador de micrófono sistema de audio

Equipo de música sinbosen audio profesional altavoces con sonido amplificador de micrófono sistema de audio

Artículo No.: FP14000/K4-1400/D-260/AXT220D/SA212/SA1
Модель: FP14000 / K4-1400 / DBX260 / AXT220D / SA212 / SA18
FP14000 Усилитель: 8 Ом: 2400 Вт x 2 канала / 4 Ом: 4400 Вт x 2 канала.
K4-1400 А: 8 Ом: 1400 Вт X 4 канала / 4 Ом: 2200 Вт X 4 канала.
Функция цифрового микрофона: 4 антенны / 2 канала / 2 по
Professional Audio Sound System  
Amplifier for line array speaker 12 inch K4-1400 power amplifier
Output Power 8Ω:1400W x 4 CH
Output Power 4Ω:2200W x 4 CH
  Amplifier for line array subwoofer 18 inch   FP14000 power amplifier
4 ohm Stereo Power(RMS):4400X2CH
8 ohm Stereo Power(RMS):2400X2CH
Line array speaker 12 inch SA212 12 inch line array speaker
Subwoofer 18 inch SA18 18 inch subwoofer
Audio Processor DBX260 audio processor
2 input 6 output
Wireless Microphone Sysyem   AXT220D 2 channels wireless microphone  

enlightenedPower amplifier FP14000
  DS-7K DS-9K DS-14K FP24000
Channel 2 Channel Power Amplifier
Class Class TD Power Amplifier
  8Ω Stereo Power (RMS)     1500WX2     1800WX2     2400WX2     4200WX2  
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS) 2800WX2 3000WX2 4400WX2 7500WX2
8Ω Bridged Power (RMS) 5600W 6000W 8800W /
4Ω Bridged Power (RMS) 7000W 9000W 14000W /

enlightenedDigital Power amplifier K4-1400
1U Digital Amplifier K4-1400

  Output Power 1 KHz, <0.05%THD  
8Ω/Stereo 4CHX1400W
4Ω/Stereo 4CHX2200W
8Ω/Bridge 2CHX4500W
Class Class D Power Amplifier
Signal Noise Ration >106dB
Frequency Response(+/-0.1dB) 10Hz-34kHz
Input socket XLR type, 3pin
Link socket XLR type, 3pin male
Protection Short circuit, open dircuit, thermal, overload,DC,super audio protection
Power Requirement 90-265V~50Hz(PFC)


enlightenedWireless Microphone AXT220D
  Chassis Specifications   Standard 1U chassis
Number of channels Dual channel
Frequency range   UHF 513-558mhz, 615-665mhz, 780-820mhz.  
Transmitter Handheld/Headset/Lavalier Microphone
Modulation method FM
Oscillation method PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer
Bandwidth 40MHz
Maximum output voltage Balanced
Output socket XLR balanced and 6.3φ unbalanced socket
  Working effective distance   400 meters in general (open area)
Power supply 100 - 240V AC50 / 60 Hz, 10W
Handheld microphone
Frequency range UHF 513-558mhz, 615-665mhz, 780-820mhz.
Oscillator mode PLL phase locked frequency synthesizer
Bandwidth 80MHz
Sound head moving coil
Battery AA × 2
Feature New condenser microphone core


enlightenedLine Array Speaker SA212 12 inch + Subwoofer SA18 18 inch
SA212 SA18
12 inch line array speaker 18 inch subwoofer
MF rated Power/ Peak:750W/6Ω 2500W/Peak.
HF rated Power/ Peak:180W/8Ω 650W/ Peak.
Maximum Peak SPL:142dB peak,@1m 
  Speaker Radiation Angle:90º×8º Frequency. Response(-5dB):60Hz~20kHz  
Connection:2 Speakon-socket 
Impedance:LF 8 Ohms/HF 16 Ohms.
NW:44 Kg Dimension(WxDxH):1064x400x392mm Carton
Size: L51*W51*H117.5cm
  18 Inch(subwoofer) Components:2×18"Low,Supporting use of SA-210/ 212.  
Frequency Response:40Hz~300Hz (±3dB).
Power(RMS/ peak): 1200W/6Ω 4800W/Peak.
Sensitivity (1 W/m):108dB.
Maximum Rated :136dB ( peak@1m).
Amplifier Input Impedance:20 KΩ Input.
Amplifier Out Put Power:2000W/4Ω.
Power Connection:Power Con 
Working Voltage:110-250V 50/60Hz 
NW:69Kg Carton
Size: L77*W68.5*H117.5cm

enlightenedAudio Processor DBX260
Type : D-260 digital audio processor
Model Number : D- 260
Processor: Digital Processing Core
Number of Channels: 2 input 6 output
Power Supply: Switching Power Supply
Operating Voltage: AC 230V/50-60Hz
Power Requirements: 18 Watts
Input Connectors: Female XLR (Line), XLR RTA (Mic)
Output Connectors: Male XLR
Output /Input Type: Electronically balanced, RF filtered
Input Impedance: >40 kΩ
Output Impedance: 120 Ω
Dynamic Range (unweighted/weighted): >110 dB / >107 dB
THD+Noise @ 1 kHz: 0.002% typical
Frequency Response: 20 Hz–20 kHz(±0.5dB)
Interchannel Crosstalk: >110 dB, 120 dB typical
Propagation Delay: 0.6 MSecond





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