¿Comparación de prueba de sonido del amplificador de potencia D4-3000 y FP20000Q?
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¿Comparación de prueba de sonido del amplificador de potencia D4-3000 y FP20000Q?

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: 2023-07-31 11:51:38

This is the feedback from American customers who used sinbosen's D4-3000 and FP20000Q power amplifier to participate in the "
MWAVE expo"
exhibition. There were four single 24-inch subwoofers on site. 
The D4-3000 digital power amplifier drives four single 24-inch subwoofers. Generally speaking, the FP20000Q power amplifier is more powerful, but if the D4-3000 digital power amplifier is bridged, it is stronger than the FP20000Q, which impressed them. "It's still a beast of an amp though!"
The following is the customer's original words and feedback.

"I wanted to share with you how the show went. We had 4 of the 24s running in the room. We ran the d4-3000 on all 4 the first day. It did a good job, but it did run into clipping when trying to push them. Still, a very respectable job for just 1 amp! 
We were impressed. We ended up bringing my FP20Q as well the other days. Ran each amp bridged to 2 24s each. It was incredible. We were definitely the loudest and lowest bass room 
out of the 14 other rooms there. Amps performed amazing "
"We had many people asking about them and I gave them your website to look at. I'll be making some videos in the next month on the amps and subs on my home theater, so more exposure will be coming."

"Stereo Integrity has had at least 20 of their 24 inch subs ordered since the show, so hopefully there will be some amp customers for you as well. Especially after my videos come out"
"Well, the size of the d4 is great. But correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't seem to have as much power as the fp20q. Bridged, the d4 did fantastic on 2 of the 24s. When powering 4, it struggled a bit. The fp20q pushed 4 of them a bit harder"
"So honestly, people really liked both and couldn't believe the power that the d4 had for its size. It really depends on how many they would power with it. 2 subs would be perfect. 4 subs, probably go to the fp20q"
"It's still a beast of an amp though! We were impressed"
"You should hear it!we were knocking dust and bits of sheetrock down from the ceiling! Your amp is pushing 4 24 inch subs!"
"Yes, each box has 1 24 inch sub, the amp is running 4 total"

Both D4-3000 and FP20000Q are high-power professional power amplifiers with 4 channels that can work for subwoofer. FP20000Q has been continuously improved and has passed the test of time. As a new power amplifier, D4-3000 has been gradually paid attention to and loved by everyone. They have their own advantages, and their preferences vary from person to person!

In fact, compared to the D4-3000, we recommend using the D4-3000 DSP to drive the subwoofer,
as it can be directly set to low cut and limit on the software.

FP20000Q Class TD Professional Power Amplifier:
8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 2,200W X 4CH
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 4,000W X 4CH

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