Procesador de audio PA2 + micrófono inalámbrico SKM9000 + amplificador FP10000Q para actuaciones pequeñas y medianas!
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Procesador de audio PA2 + micrófono inalámbrico SKM9000 + amplificador FP10000Q para actuaciones pequeñas y medianas!

: 2027
: 2022-12-30 18:01:06
As we know, A power amplifier, a processor, a wireless microphone, a mixer, plus a few speakers, then we can build a simple small performance stage!

These two sets of videos are feedback videos from Puerto Rico customers, and they are both small and medium stage performances! One of these two videos is PA2 2 in 6 out processor +EQ231 31 band equalizer +A-220D wireless microphone + power amplifier, and the other is PA2 +SKM9000 wireless microphone +FP10000Q Hot selling RMS 8ohms 1350W X 4CH class td amplifier.

Why choose PA2?
The composition of a basic audio system is to connect the microphone to the mixer, the output of the mixer is sent to the power amplifier through a lot of peripheral equipment, and the output of the power amplifier is connected to the speaker. In an audio system, the matching of peripheral equipment and sidelines are the most complicated, and there are many types of equipment. Including a compressor used to make the sound firmer; an exciter to enhance the effect; an equalizer to modify the sound quality; a parametric equalizer to filter or strengthen certain signals; a feedback suppressor to eliminate howling and a limiter to protect the speaker unit. Amplifier; delayer to adjust the time difference of speakers; equalizer to compensate for room frequency response defects. But a controller that includes all basic peripheral functions, such as the PA2, makes it easy to control these complex peripherals with only one device from the mixer to the power amplifier.

It enables the speaker system to quickly and accurately optimize the sound quality. The PA2 is the ideal audio system for bands, musicians and artists who usually carry their own PA equipment.

The PA2 processor not only provides the necessary processing between the mixer and the power amplifier to optimize and protect the speakers, but also upgrades the new wizard program, which can be set up faster and easier, providing professional EQ equalization processing and extremely accurate Advanced Feedback Suppression, all of this can now be quickly controlled via the web from a mobile device or laptop.
The PA2 offers many additional system tuning and sound optimization features, including compression, graphic and 8-band parametric EQ, enhanced low-frequency response, built-in speaker crossover (for full-range, 2-way and 3-way systems), limiter, Loudspeaker time adjustment and delay and many other additional functions.

Why do we add an equalizer such as EQ231 when we already have a pa2 processor?
An equalizer is a device that boosts and attenuates different frequencies to adjust the ratio of bass, midrange, and treble. The Pa2 processor has 8-band parametric equalization, which can meet the general equalization control needs, and the addition of 231 professional equalizer can precisely adjust the 31-band, which is more detailed and professional. However, many customers are attracted by the gorgeous graphics of 231 .

Choose SKM9000 wireless microphone or A220D wireless microphone?
Both microphones have 3 frequency bands to choose from, and they are all vocal microphones, with high volume dynamic range, high fidelity characteristics, wider frequency response, and excellent vocal expression! They have strong receiving stability and strong anti-interference ability, which are very suitable for stage performances.And the A220D microphone has an ultra-long transmission distance of 400m, and an optional condenser/dynamic handheld microphone!

What are the benefits of buying in combination?
If you buy 4 or more pieces, there will be a certain discount price. Calculating the total shipping cost is also sometimes cheaper than buying individual items!

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