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[Continuously updated] Sinbosenaudio's NEWS and FAQ list, quick link

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: 2022-06-29 17:24:50

enlightenedThe latest Product news of Sinbosen in 2022, including customer feedback, new products, latest product information, price changes, etc.
Continuous update...

UpdateTime Related Products 2022 NEWS Article Link
2022/6/27 M7 How about Sinbosen's new microphone M7? What is it suitable for?
2022/6/27 FP14000 2 channels power amplifier FP14000 for subwoofer speaker feedback from Germany
2022/6/20 FP10000Q Field Test of FP10000Q Power Amplifier
2022/5/26 K4-800,K4-1000 The new 4-channel digital amplifier K4-800, K4-1000 is coming!
2022/5/26 LA8 How to connect and use the DSP software of the LA8 power amplifier?
2022/5/26 FP22000Q/FP30000Q What is the difference between Power amplifier FP22000Q and Power amplifier FP30000Q
2022/5/6 ALL Exchange rates fluctuate, product prices fall!
2022/4/30 2-Channel Amplifier The popularity of the two-channel power amplifier has grown! Why is dual channel popular?
2022/4/30 SKM9000 Customer's SKM9000 Application Scenario!
2022/4/18 FP10000Q Customized FP10000Q amplifier with 8 fans on the rear panel!
2022/3/28 DSP20000Q The application of Sinbosen's Danish customer DSP20000Q amplifier at the banquet!
2022/3/21 DSP Amplifier The new DSP is about to replace the traditional DSP!
2022/3/15 1u equipment Sinbosen's ready-to-ship flight case combined with 1u audio equipment
2022/3/14 FP30000Q Sinbosen power amplifier naming rules? Is FP30000Q a new model?
2022/2/28 SR314S New arrival handheld microphone SR314S, charming and powerful!
2022/2/28 D-Series Good news: Sinbosen digital amplifier D series price adjustment.
2022/2/28 Sound system Sinbosen amplifier and active speaker stereo audio equipment system feedback from USA
2022/2/28 Sound system Sound system for meeting room| Sound system for Koraoke| Sound system for indoor parties
2022/1/21 DSP10000Q DSP10000Q amplifier feedback from Bulgarian customers
2022/1/14 Popular product Sinbosen's 2021 ranking of popular amplifiers, microphones, speakers, etc.

enlightenedA summary of Sinbosen's FAQ. Including the knowledge of audio products such as amplifiers, microphones, speakers, processors, power distributors, Sinbosen product exploration, customer common problems and answers to questions, etc.!
UpdateTime Related Products FAQ Article Link

What is an anechoic chamber? what's its function?

2022/6/29 Microphone

Why do microphones need a spray guard?

2022/6/27 Amplifier What is an amplifier? Is there really a difference between Class A and Class B?
2022/5/31 Amplifier What are balanced and unbalanced signals? How to see if your device is a balanced signal?
2022/5/31 Speaker Why do Sinbosen speakers use polyurea paint? What are the advantages of polyurea paint?
2022/5/17 Processor How to connect AD48 Audio processor with PC&Router
2022/4/28 Speakers What is the coverage of the speakers?
2022/4/27 Equalizer How to adjust the equalizer according to the frequency band characteristics of each instrument/voice?
2022/4/21 Equalizer What is the difference between an equalizer and a mixer? The application of the equalizer?
2022/4/21 Compressor The Importance of Compressor in Pre-Effects
2022/3/28 Processor Digital audio processors basic function to introduction
2022/3/23 Microphone What microphone frequency is best for USA client?
2022/3/21 Monitor system Do you know what are the usual stage monitoring systems?
2022/2/28 Audio What is audio gain? How do I adjust my gain?
2022/2/25 Equalizer How a novice handles vocals with equalizers?
2022/1/19 Amplifier What is the difference between the two-channel power amplifier, the four-channel power amplifier and the usual power amplifier?
2021/12/30 Microphone How to dealing with too much vocal resonance?
2021/12/29 Amplifier What parameters should you pay attention to when buying an amplifier?
2021/12/10 Subwoofer Subwoofer丨 What are subwoofers? Why do you need subwoofers? How to choose a subwoofer?
2021/11/24 Microphone How to use the microphone correctly? Can I blow/slap toward the microphone head?
2021/10/27 Amplifier How to set up the VPL of your amplifiers
2021/10/26   Why I get the audio equipment so slowly?
2021/10/25 Amplifier How To Maintain Our Beloved Power Amplifier?
2021/10/21 Amplifier How to repair common faults of power amplifier?
2021/10/18 speaker The difference between active speakers and passive speakers
2021/10/15 Microphone The evolution of studio microphone directivity
2021/9/28 processor The function of the audio processor in rendering perfect sound
2021/8/25 Amplifier&Speaker How to match power amplifier and speakers
2021/8/12 Audio Connection of audio equipment equalizer, compressor, digital effector
2021/7/23 Microphone How to choose the correct one wireless microphone?
2021/7/5 Amplifier How about the heat dissipation function of Sinbosen FP10000Q amplifier?
2021/6/25 Speaker What is the Best Material for Professional Audio Speaker Cabinets?
2021/6/10 Microphone How to prevent howling from microphones and sound systems?
2021/5/17   Causes and hazards of howling
2021/5/14 Amplifier What is function of bridging of professional power amplifier?
2021/4/22   Great News!Sinbosenaudio have warehouse in European&USA
2021/4/12 power sequence controller Precautions for the use of power sequence controller
2021/3/25 Amplifier What is the Sinbosen amplifier's voltage?110V?220V?90-240V?
2021/3/5 power sequence controller Why use power sequence controller in audio equipment?
2021/2/23 Microphone How to play the better sound effect of wireless microphone?
2021/1/20 power sequence controller The correct sequence of turning on and off audio equipment
2021/1/13 Audio What equipment does a set of professional stage audio equipment contain?
2020/12/26 Amplifier Sinbosen D4-2000 digital amplifier PK other similar models amplifier.
2020/12/16 Amplifier How to choose Sinbosen Power amplifier between class D and switch FP Series
2020/12/14 Amplifiers&Speakers How to match the power amplifier and speakers to drive good sound?
2020/11/23 Amplifier How to identify the quality of the power amplifier?
2020/11/13 Speaker What are the differences and advantages of active speakers and passive speakers?
2020/10/16 Amplifier Why choose Sinbosen D2-3000 D4-2000 digital amplifier compared with other companies
2020/10/8 Amplifier Can Sinbosen D2-3000 digital power amplifier really be used for 2 ohms?
2020/9/28 Amplifier What will happen if the amplifier is idle for a long time?
2020/9/23 Amplifier Power amplifier MUTE light is on, how to do?
2020/9/23 Microphone Problems with wireless microphones and how to check them?
2020/9/12 Monitor system 3 points take you to fully understand the in-ear monitoring system!
2020/9/9   How can I pay? What payment methods do you accept?
2020/8/11 Amplifier 2020 Sinbosen FP20000Q power amplifier upgrade again-capacitor upgrade.
2020/8/6 Amplifier The history of Sinbosen audio manufacturer's power amplifier.
2020/7/31 Amplifier Can it(amplifier) work under 2ohms?
2020/7/30   Are there any customized services for purchasing your products?
2020/7/29 Controller Distributor How to use the Power Controller Distributor?
2020/7/20 Amplifier One picture learns to use multiple amplifiers at the same time
2020/7/16 Amplifier Sinbosen Amplifier Manufacturer power amplifier production details process.
2020/6/18 Amplifier Do you know what types of audio power amplifiers are available?
2020/6/3 Microphone Sinbosen wireless microphone transmitter matching options.
2020/5/25 Speaker What is a coaxial speaker?
2020/5/18 Microphone How to clean the microphone?
2020/5/14 audio What is an audio interface?
2020/4/15 Microphone How to choose a microphone that suits you?
2020/4/3 Amplifier Power amplifier panel | 7 colors to choose from
2020/3/20 Microphone What are the dimensions of a microphone diaphragm, and how do they differ?
2020/3/17 Speaker Simple connection of Sinbosen 8-inch line array speaker SA208B.
2020/2/18 Microphone 5 wired dynamic microphones are perfect for vocal recording and live singing!
2020/2/11 Microphone Why choose a digital wireless microphone system?
2020/1/4 Amplifier How to learn to operate Sinbosen DSP Power Amplifier in 5 minutes?
2019/12/30 sinbosen I want to visit your factory. Sinbosen Audio, where are you?
2019/12/18 Speaker How are stage monitor speakers combined and returned?
2019/12/11 Microphone What is the type and effect of microphone polar pattern?
2019/11/21 Speaker How do active speakers appeal to people with their unique charm?
2019/11/19 Microphone Sinbosen Professional Microphone Frequency Query
2019/11/16 Microphone Microphone damp!!! How to protect the microphone?
2019/10/21 Microphone How to place the drum microphone when the drums kit are recorded?
2019/9/20 Amplifier Do you know which parameters are important to the amplifier?
2019/9/16 Microphone Do you know the difference between dynamic microphone and condenser microphone?
2019/8/26 Amplifier What is the difference between DSP power amplifier and ordinary power amplifier?
2019/8/20 Microphone What is the difference between the three microphone segments FM, VHF, UHF?
2019/7/26 Amplifier Why more and more professional sound engineers choose switching power amplifiers?
2019/7/19 Amplifier How to protect the FP power amplifier?
2019/6/26 Amplifier Sinbosen audio amplifier manufacturer in China
2019/6/17 Amplifier 110V or 220V, how to change your Amplifier Voltage?
2019/5/11 Amplifier What should we do if the amplifier cannot be turned on?
2019/4/29 Sinbosen Why our clients choose Sinbosen Audio?
2022/3/25 Amplifier  
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