Altavoz KA210 Line array + amplificador digital D4-3000 para el evento al aire libre!!
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Altavoz KA210 Line array + amplificador digital D4-3000 para el evento al aire libre!!

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: 2022-12-31 18:59:37


The above is the customer feedback of the D4-3000 digital amplifier and KA210 dual 12-inch line array speaker sound combination scene!


KA210 is Sinbosen's hot-selling line array speaker with high sound performance. When the dual 10-inch speaker uses the 4+2 solution, that is, 4 line arrays plus 2 subwoofers, it can cover 500-1000 people, which is in line with the customer's expected number of people on site. The customer bought 4 sets of 210 and only needs one D4-3000. D4-3000 has 4 channels, one channel can be connected to 2 sets of KA210, and the remaining two channels can be connected to subwoofers (note that D4-3000 works at 2ohms not recommended for subwoofers, but the 2-channel D-Series is fine.)


The D4-3000 digital amplifier further improves the cooling system, with the fan raised to 0.55A, giving the D4-3000 a higher power output at lower temperatures and better results when working under 2 ohms. The D4-3000 has carefully selected power amplification transistors for faster speeds and greater power. Transformers have also been improved to withstand greater power. All the details make D series amplifiers more powerful and have better sound quality.



KA210 dual 10-inch line array D4-3000 4-channel digital amplifier


1pcs 3inch Treble:75cores 170magnetism

2pcs 10inch bass:75cores 200magnetism

MF rated Power/ Peak:600W/6Ω 2400W/Peak

HF rated Power/ Peak:150W/8Ω 600W/ Peak


Frequency response 55Hz-20KHz


Maximum sound pressure:141dB

Wood case,18mm plywood, galaxy black paint

Steel net:1.5mm Hexagon Hole 

With hangings and bolts

Output Power:

8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 3,000W X 4CH

4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 5,000W X 4CH

2Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 6,500W X 4CH

●4 Channel Class D Digital power amplifier

●Mini 1U size, convenient for Touring Applications

●Suit for Top speaker, full range speaker, Line array;

●Work Under 2Ω steadily !

●Precise and Reasonable circuit structure

●Bring supper reliable sound

●Bridge-mode operation

●Original Neutrik XLR*/Speakon connectors

●Temperature protection;Over current protection;Short circuit protection built-in


This combination has a high sound resolution, clear audio performance, and high sound coverage. It can be widely used in large-scale outdoor places such as concerts!


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