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¡El amplificador digital DSP D4-3000 funciona en la celebración de bodas!

: 976
: 2023-09-27 17:06:04

heartThanks to the customer in Romania for sharing his scene. What a wonderful indoor wedding celebration!

He purchased the D4-3000 DSP from Sinbosen and shared the speaker matching of the D4-3000 DSP. The following is his speaker usage:
A total of 4 single 12-inch full-range, two per channel.
A total of 18-inch subwoofers, two per channel. Each channel is a 4 ohm link.
D4-3000 DSP Digital Power Amplifier
●Output Power:
8Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 3,000W X 4CH
4Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 5,000W X 4CH
2Ω Stereo Power (RMS): 6,500W X 4CH
●Work Under 2Ω steadily ! 
●Precise and Reasonable circuit structure
●Bring supper reliable sound
●Bridge-mode operation
●Original Neutrik XLR*/Speakon connectors
●Temperature protection;Over current protection;Short circuit protection built-in

112M Full-Range Speaker

  • Equipped with: 12" bass and 1.4" neodymium mid-range/tweeter (3" voice coil)
  • Multifunctional housing
  • Power capacity: 350 W RMS / 1400 W Peak
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • SPL: 131 dB max
  • Frequency range: 60 Hz - 18 kHz
  • Dispersion pattern: 60° x 40° (horn rotatable)
  • 36 mm Pole mount
  • Aeroquip rails on top
  • Anchorage point on back
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 360 x 600 x 365 mm
  • Weight: 21.0 kg
  • Finish: Textured paint

TP 118/800 18 Inch Bass Speaker

  • High-output 18" bass for touring
  • Power rating: 600 W RMS / 2400 W peak
  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • SPL 96 dB / (1 W / 1 m), 129 dB / Peak
  • Frequency range: 35 - 150 Hz (-3 dB)
  • Connectors: 2x NL4 (1+ / 1-) and 2x NL4 for system cabling (2+ / 2-)
  • Finish: Textured paint, black
  • With 2 top flange adaptors M20
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 55 x 61.8 x 68 cm without wheels
  • Weight: 37 kg

"The limiter is set to 2V rms for my speakers, the amp is very powerful, I can't use all his power"said by the customer.
The yellow light is on because the limiter set by the customer is triggered, and the DSP yellow light will turn on, which is normal.

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