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: 2023-11-29 16:23:10
Professional speakers are compact equipment and it is very important to protect them from damage during transportation. Here are 3 common transportation options provided by Sinbosen:
1. Metal Dolly: This is a metal flatbed truck commonly used for transporting stage equipment. It usually has a sturdy structure and a smooth base on which speakers and subwoofers can be conveniently placed and transported using rollers.

The advantages of this approach include:
- Easy transportation: The metal flatbed truck provides a stable platform and rollers to facilitate the transportation of speakers and subwoofers from one location to another.
- Protect cargo: Metal flatbed trucks usually have edge protection and provide stable support, which can effectively protect speakers and subwoofers from damage. Some speakers have buckles that can be buckled directly onto the metal dolly.

- Delivery fees: The dolly is heavier and may require additional delivery fees.

Metal dolly is usually transported with a rain cover. Although the rain cover cannot completely protect the speaker, it can minimize the impact of rain on the speaker. Choose a speaker that is waterproof and dustproof, and use a rain cover to protect the speaker. In this way, even if it rains heavily, you don’t have to worry about the speaker being greatly affected. Most of Sinbosen's speakers are painted with polyurea paint or emery, which has good weather resistance.

The picture below is KA-1 Dual 15 inch line array speakers with metal dolly ( 4 in 1).
2. Flight case: Flight case transportation is the best choice for mobile stages.

The advantages of this approach include:
- Strong protection: Flight cases are usually made of solid materials (such as aluminum alloy or wood), and the internal padding can provide good shockproof and speaker protection functions. This reduces the risk of goods being damaged during transport.
- Good customization: The flight case can be customized according to the specific size and shape of the speaker, ensuring that the speaker can fit perfectly and provide the best protection. This customization helps reduce the chance of items shaking around in transit.
- High security: Flight cases are usually equipped with strong locks and safety buckles to protect the speakers from theft or unauthorized access. This helps ensure the safety of goods in transit.
- Suitable for important events: If the speakers need to be used for important events, tours or performances, air box transportation is a reliable choice. It ensures the safe and timely arrival of speakers between destinations.

- High transportation costs: Relatively speaking, air box transportation is usually more expensive than other transportation methods.
- Highly restrictive: Flight cases usually have strict size and weight restrictions. Exceeding these limits may require additional procedures or fees.

The picture below is KA208 Dual 8 inch line array speakers with flight cases.
3. Carton: Carton is a common way of packaging and shipping speakers.
Advantages include:
- Relatively low cost: The manufacturing cost of cartons is relatively low and suitable for large-scale transportation.
- Lightweight and easy to handle: Cartons are relatively lightweight and easy to handle.

- Relatively fragile: Cartons have poor resistance to external impacts and environmental conditions, which may lead to an increased risk of damage to the goods during transportation.

Cartons are generally used with wooden frames, especially for large items such as subwoofers. The advantage of making wooden frames is that during the logistics process, forklifts are generally used to handle them, which avoids the inadequacies and bumps of manual handling. Sinbosen provides 8 corners and foam protection for carton packaging and transportation.

The picture below is the carton packaging of KA208

Comprehensive recommendation
Flight case ☆☆☆☆☆ > Carton☆☆☆☆ > Metal Dolly☆☆☆☆
After the performance, the speaker can be directly put back into the flight case and locked and then taken to the next destination, which is convenient and safe. Especially suitable for outdoor mobile tours!
The cost of cartons is relatively low. If you are fixing the speakers, you can use this method of speaker transportation. (Note: Large subwoofers, etc. require wooden frames. Sinbosen waives labor packaging fees)
The Metal Dolly + Rain cover is also an option for touring performances. However, Metal Dolly are heavier and generally requires additional delivery fees.

In summary, which mode of speaker transportation to choose will depend on factors such as the nature of the goods, transit time, price, and destination. For large and heavy speaker equipment such as stage line array speakers and stage professional subwoofers, air box or Metal Dolly transportation may be a better choice to ensure the safety and on-time arrival of the goods. Carton shipping is suitable for relatively small, lightweight speakers and has lower shipping costs.

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